Minecraft 1.21 has been in development for quite some time now, making it the longest Minecraft update we have seen. We have already had over 15 snapshots and multiple release candidates, which is quite unusual.

The sheer number of features packed into this update is insane, and honestly, it is getting harder to keep track of all the additions. Now that we are inching closer to the much-awaited 1.21 update, lets dive into everything new that has been added in Minecraft 1.21!

Every Major New Feature Coming In Minecraft 1.21!

8: Mace -
Finally, a brand new weapon in the game that is not just a sword! We already have axes and tridents for melee attacks, but lets be honest—these weapons are all about hitting the attack button repeatedly until the zombie falls. Not the most exciting combat mechanic. However, the mace changes things up by introducing a cool new ability: splash damage! Now you can jump and attack, dealing more damage to multiple enemies in one hit. What a cool weapon!

7: Breeze -
After a cool new weapon, here is a cool new mini-boss: the Breeze. As the name suggests, it harnesses powers associated with breezes or wind. It kind of looks like an overworld Blaze, but instead of shooting fire charges, it blasts wind charges at you. It is tricky and tedious to defeat, especially in its spawning location. Defeating it rewards you with Breeze Rods!

6: Trial Chambers -
The Trial Chambers are the standout feature of this update—a brand new dungeon to explore! We always love new places to explore. As the name suggests, the Trial Chambers is a dungeon filled with mobs that challenge the player. This is also where you will encounter the Breeze. The dungeon is full of unique loot that you will want to get your hands on, not just golden apples. Plus, we get tons of new blocks thanks to this new structure, which is always a welcome addition!

5: Crafter -
This one is for the redstone geeks out there! The Crafter allows you to automate almost every single recipe in the game—you just have to be smart enough to pull it off. This new block will make it a lot easier for players to generate items that they actually want!

4: Bogged -
Another hostile mob, this time a revamped skeleton that spawns in swamps. Nothing unique about it apart from its skin and the effect it gives you when hit. At this point, why not just create a variant of each mob for every biome in the game? Why add one at a time? Ugh!

3: Wolves -
Finally, Mojang has heard our cries and given us a very simple yet very fun feature: multiple new wolves! Nice! Again, they are just revamped wolves that can be found in different biomes. It is a shame they do not add different dog breeds into the game, and none of the dogs do anything unique— they are just different colors. Regardless, we at least have some new pets that we can keep.

2: Wolf Armor -
The textures of those dog buddies are going to be hidden by this brand new Wolf Armor. Players have been begging for this for years since their doggos kept dying in stupid situations. This will grant them some much-needed protection. It is crafted using armadillo scutes.

1: Armadillo -
Winner of the mob vote, the Armadillo is a cute new mob being added to the game that drops scutes, which can be used for armor as mentioned above. The mob curls into a ball quite often and is just a fun little addition to the game.

And those are all the noteworthy features being added to the game! I mean, sure, there are plenty more fixes and patches, but I do not think anyone is interested in that. That is all we have for this blog post—hope you liked it!

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