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Minecraft Server List

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 FlawlessMC


In Development Phase! We are Having Rotating Gamemodes Until everything is ready! lots of fun! Parkour & Skyblock is Finished, Now Doing Survival!

21/100 online
2 GeoPoliticalSMP


Geo Political SMP is a 1:500 scale Earth Minecraft server with custom items and the ability to make your own town and nation.

0/0 offline
3 2b2t germany


The most accurate 2b2t clone out there.

0/0 online
4 Bonecraft


Join our 1.19 SMP that includes Jobs, Economy, Mob Arena and Custom Enchants as well as a great, friendly, and kind community!

3/100 online
5 ChubbyCraft


Hungry for fun? Feed that craving and join us on ChubbyCraft! We currently offer three exciting game-modes, Creative, Factions, and Skyblock!

0/0 online
6 DamageWorld


Ютуберсий сервер Mr. TOP: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw_-OlhMbqntoQHJ9a_0y4w. Подписовайтесь на канал пж.

0/0 online


Welcome to FUN WORLD! A 1.19 semi-anarchy Towny with Discord chat relay server.

0/0 online
8 FiveTwoCraft - Anarchy in 1.5.2

Anarchy on old version!

0/0 online
9 IllusiveMC Survival (1.19 world restart)


IllusiveMC is a Non-Vanilla Minecraft SMP Server. Our Server has features like mcMMO, Voting Crates, VeinMiner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more!

14/75 online
10 Nitrocube


Bienvenue sur notre serveur Nitrocube, un serveur plein de mini jeux (PVP, PVE, CREATIF) avec des cosméstiques, des surprises et du fun !

1/2 online
11 OneCraft - Survival in 1.2.5

Standart survival in old version!

0/0 online
12 PvP Server

Join | Serverlist doesnt recognise playercount | Join and try yourself | a 24 7 pvp server. join

0/50 online
13 Stormy Lagoon


Start your survival journey today! We host a 1.18.2 survival server with features and custom items suggested by our community. Our server (and world) opened 1/4/2022. Our community has been around for 4+ years! Stormy Lagoon has a nice community. We have a thriving player economy, with player shops

11/75 online
14 SurvivalVoxel

Modded server that is small and low end

0/10 online
15 Vanilla-Ish


Just a Vanilla-Ish SMP

0/0 online
16 BossRushMC


A fully unique and custom boss fighting experience!

0/0 offline
17 BuzzCraft | Earth Map | OneBlock


Welcome to BuzzCraft!! We're a welcoming, LGBTQ+ friendly SMP where you can make new friends, explore 1.18.2 world generation, build AWESOME houses, and just have fun!!

0/0 offline
18 Lopobia Network


A unique survival network with the purpose of bringing everyone together, regardless of the platform you play on.

0/0 offline
19 MentalCraft


0/0 offline
20 Mineblitz Network


The Mineblitz Network is a new Minecraft Network featuring mainly custom plugins and gamemodes along with a new Survival 1.19 SMP experience!

0/0 offline
21 Miner Souls PVP

0/0 offline
22 OldLand - Beta 1.0 - Nostalgia

Server running on oldest version - Beta 1.0

0/0 offline
23 Saber Network


Currently there is 0 online out of a possible 100. The number of votes this month is 18 since the 1st. Voting allows you to get rewards for free.

0/0 offline
24 Seventh Sapphire


0/0 offline
25 SnakesServ


0/0 offline