Seventh Sapphire
Owner Avexion
Status offline
IP play.seventhsapphire.com
Players 0/0
Version 1.18.2
Rank 24
Votes 0
Uptime -100%
Last Check 1 minute(s) ago
Country Canada
Types MCMMOPvPSurvivalTownySMP

We have Rankup's from default - VIP. As you rankup up though the server you earn new perks and rewards. We have invested a lot into our Quest System to give players an experience that they'll never forget.

One of SeventhSapphire's main features is seasons. Seasons will follow the real world seasons for example if it is winter irl it would also be winter on the server, same goes for spring, summer and fall.

Another One of SeventhSapphire's main features is random naturally occurring disasters ranging from sinkholes to tornados and many more!
» Disasters
» Seasons
» Towny
» Rankups
» Quests
» And Many More!
Our Goal is to create a server for those who have been looking for one that doesn't give a donator an advantage over someone else. Feel Free to Join us and check us out. All Opinions are Welcome.
(Note: Some of the Disasters will regenerate and other's wont. Any towns that are created should be protected from the Disasters.)